Bernie Maher

Bernie moved to Perth in 1983 but didn't find his way into broadcasting until 2006 when he started here on KCR on Boxing Day.

He recounts his most embarrassing moment on air was the day he was choking fit and with eyes watering he couldn't see the buttons to turn off the “on air” button!

A long way from the first musical influence - a Suzi Quatro album, which isn't even on his most favourite musical piece of all time, that honour goes to Mr. Tom Waits.

These days when not looking after his chooks, well most people don't count their eggs as pets! Bernie can be found here on a Sunday morning bringing us Christian music with 'rhythm and praise'. Bernie is a fan of world music and when asked what 5 people he would like to have dinner with named: Tom Waits, Nelson Mandela, Alvin Slaughter, Rueben Monsan and Bill Gates. 


Coral advises her listeners that she will be away from 19 June until 9 July.

Coral began her association with KCR in the late 1990's behind the scenes, sorting the records out for the station. After brief stint away from the station, Coral then started presenting on the air. Although this wasn't Coral's first venture into the public music domain- that was as a member of a choir in the 1950's, the choir society's loss was community radio's gain.

A menagerie of animals (2 dogs, 1 budgie and 4 chooks) keep Coral busy along with a passion for roses, we can hear her program on Sundays (alternating) form 1-3pm

Coral describes her program - 'Music My Way With Coral' as varied musically specifically aimed at the Sunday afternoon listener, relaxing or new pieces with a leaning towards light classical and Irish, anything with a good melody.

DJ Swannee

DJ Swannee

DJ Swannee came to KCR looking to resume his Radio Career after his wife Bronwyn gave birth to his beloved children Brady (6) and Briony (4).

After a number of years Radio Announcing and Sports Commentary, Brad brought his professional style of presenting to KCR and has never looked back.

"I thoroughly enjoy the raw energy that comes from Producing and Presenting a Live programme on Community Radio. You work harder to present the best quality of broadcasting because all the material used in the show is directly from us, instead of producers doing everything for you".


David Lazaro

David presents jazz on Tuesday nights and alternates with Russell K on Thursdays at 12 noon as he presents the Midday Mix.



Fatima presents Sunrise on Wednesday mornings.

Fatima is taking a sabbatical but she plans to be back shortly.


Harry Nijsen

Harry Nijsen

Harry started at KCR in a non-presenting role, after offering his services to the station in 2003. Most of his time initially was spent behind the scenes with the use of his many technical/maintenance skills. Harry was prompted to join the station after becoming bored, as a listener, by one genre/theme radio stations. He was impressed by the freshness and the variety of the music and programs that KCR had to offer.

Harry's first venture into presenting was with a weekend show called “Weekend Wind Down” (classical music) for about 18 months, until a new willing presenter came forward.

With the release from the weekend program, Harry resumed presenting in a new role with “Anything Goes” on Friday mornings.

Harry's program is a blend of quality, easy listening music which regularly gets updated so that his listeners get to hear something new and different each and every week!

Harry has many hats at KCR, as an active committee member and presenter as well as routinely representing KCR at the Village Markets once a month. At Christmas time he is the technical supervisor for Kalamunda's Carols by Candlelight, an outside broadcast from Stirk Park in Kalamunda.

Herb & Merle

Herb & Merle

Herb and Merle work as an enviable team in both the preparation and presentation of their Country music programme," Country Comfort". Herb who despite not having received any formal training as a presenter, is a firm believer in giving his listening public his all!. He works tirelessly to play top quality country music, sourced from his own extensive personal collection.

Merle can be heard reading (flawlessly) weather updates and various other community announcements during the 4 hour show, presented on Saturdays between 10.00am - 2.00pm


John Chopping

John Chopping

John Chopping, guitarist / songwriter and member of bands, “Indigo Duck” and “Suzi and the Reptiles” presents his show, “Edged in Blue” every Thursday night on KCR from 10pm. Edged in Blue is two hours of cool blues music featuring local, interstate and international blues artists. He is a founding member and one time President of the “Perth Blues Club” and has been performing regularly with the blues band “Indigo Duck” since he formed it in 1996.  He can be seen regularly with his bands at bars, festivals and other events, and as a working musician John lends his unique perspective to what it means to be a blues man and radio presenter. He has occasional guests from the music scene in to co-host the show and to talk about their careers.

For further information; or


Kai began his association with KCR in December 2015, looking to pursue his interests, starting presenting in early 2016. Although he’s only in high school, he has had a strong passion for radio for as long as he can remember and of course we were more than happy for him to be a part of KCR FM.

He easily admits that Eagle rock is his all-time favourite song and when asked what 5 people he would have to dinner, he Chose Elvis Presley, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Waleed Aly and Nelson Mandela.

If he’s not finishing homework, you can find him presenting Afternoon Escape on alternate Wednesday afternoons, between 4 and 5PM, which includes interesting stories and facts, artist info and much more!
(PS – Listen out for the odd joke too!)

Karl Beyer

Karl presents a variety of music in Karl-Ida-Scope.

Ken Brook

Ken presents Blues and Beyond on Thursday nights from 8pm.

Ken will be away from 14 September to 10 October and not presenting his programs. 

Ken Hill

Ken presents Sunrise Brekka-With-A Beat  from 6 to 9am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Ken has been with the station since August 2015 and arrived with an impressive array of experience.

After six years in the Royal Australian Navy Ken became the breakfast presenter on 6IX where he was known as Mr Wide Awake. He found time to be a an assistant race caller with the WA Turf Club for five years. Ken joined the WA Turf Club in 1968 and rose to a top administrative position as Secretary General Manager until his retirement in 1993.

Ken worked reading for the disabled at the WA Blind Institure before joining the WA Totalisator Board and started Racing Radio where he was involved for three years.

Ken was a breakfast program presenter with Capital Radio two mornings a week before joining KCR.

Liberty & Freq D

Liberty & Freq D present KCR's electronic music program from 10pm until late.


The transfer of Macka from his home town to the West Coast was just 5 short years before his beginnings in radio. Macka's first forays where a long way from KCR, he began on radio in Albany in 1994 before relocating to Perth where he joined KCR 102.5FM.

Although stating he is really passionate about not working he contributes to the station in many ways apart from his “on air” work of Mac Radio on Friday nights from 8pm. He surprisingly admits that his first album was by some unknown band from Liverpool called “Please please me”.

The styles Macka professes to like are all, which is hardly surprising when asked which 5 people would he like to have dinner with are The Beatles (as 1) John F. Kennedy, Jennifer Aniston (for her political views perhaps?) The Marx Brothers, The Goons, The Goodies and Monty Python. This actually suggests he prefers comedy as a genre.

Max Williams

Max supports Subiaco in the local football league which is surprising since he was born in East Fremantle. After attending a Status Quo Concert in the early 00's with a lifelong friend they decided they wanted to become more involved in music. Which is not surprising since he has been involved in music as a musician here in Perth in the 70' and 80's.

He loves all types of music depending on his mood and states that Mind Games by John Lennon is special.

Max can be heard on his program 'Time Capsule' where he likes to play old and classic hits from the 60's 70 and 80's, where he likes to add stories to our familiar songs.

Mike Logan

Mike Logan

Mike has been at KCR since 2008 and recounts a most embarrassing moment when he realised that a groan said after a really long song introduction had been said with the microphone still switched on!

His passions in life are the West Coast Eagles, the West Perth Falcons, Woody Allen films and Wagner’s music. In fact his favourite song of all time is Wagner’s Pilgrims’ Chorus.

Mike presents ‘Baroque and Beyond’ on Wednesdays from 1pm-3pm. The program highlights classical and opera with a different theme each week. An interesting background is presented with stories about the music and the composers.



Monica is currently Chairperson of 6KCR-FM.  She has been involved with radio for over 37 years.

Monica started as a producer for Tony Barber at 6PR. After having a family she went freelance and worked on 94.5 and 92.9 as well as 6PR as a producer. She also presented a consumer segment on Channel 7 with Jenny Seaton.

6PR gave Monica her own programme in 1985 and she worked there until 1989, leaving as the only person on the radio station, at that time, who went up in ratings.  She interviewed many famous people during that time including;

Singers Robert Palmer, Mary Wells, John Farnham, (Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour) and David Cassidy along with authors Leon Uris, Barbara Cartland, Barbara Bradford-Taylor, as well as politicians and local personalities.

On leaving 6PR Monica worked in public relations for the CSIRO for many years. The science changed from Wildlife and Ecology to Sustainable Agriculture, so Monica changed employment as well, and worked as State Manager for MS Readathon until her retirement.

Monica’s magazine consists of interviews and a variety of music.  If you have an interesting event, or work for an interesting organisation, or you think you have a good story for radio – contact Monica at 6KCR-FM

Music Mix

Norm Fox

KCR advises that Norm's popular Friday morning Sunrise program is off air as he takes a sabbatical. Norm will be back on air as soon as possible.

Norman Campbell

Norman Campbell

Norman advises his listeners that he will be away from 20 June until 5 July.

Norman has had a very diverse career in broadcasting dating back to Japan in 1951 with the Australian Forces Broadcasting Service, to Africa and the nations of Kenya and around East Africa to the UK and stations Radio Swindon, Hallam, Norfolk and the famous Radio Caroline. Norman left the shores of England and arrived in sunny Perth in 1972.

Harking back to a military career one understands why Norman is passionate about discipline having had a formative role in his life.

Normans programme is best described as free and easy, 'a mixed bag of things best described as easy listening, lunchtime Sunday music where you provide the lunch and I provide the music'.

His most favourite song of all time might be yours, as it's the fabulous Mr. Nat King Cole, singing 'Too Young” which you might hear on “Free and Easy” Sundays from 1.00pm – 3.00pm.


Ossie advises his listeners that he will be away from 20 June until 5 July.

Patrick Gee

Patricks involvement in community radio can be traced back to his days in Darwin, when his vocal cords could be heard exercising on the local radio station 'TOPFM' in the early eighties. Darwin's loss was Perth and KCR's gain when Patrick relocated south.

Bob Dylan is accredited by Patrick as to be the motivating factor in his first forays into the music industry. These days his music is mostly folk based although it isn't limited to any genre it just has to have appeal.

When not on the golf course you can find Pat on a Wednesday evening from 6-8pm.

Peter K

Peter K

Peter started on Kalamunda Community Radio (KCR 102.5FM) in 2002 after retiring and seeking new avenues of excitement in life. Peter was attracted to the station after a conversation at an RSL meeting invitation to have a look at the radio station.

Not initially thinking about presenting, it was only a week after joining that an artist gave Peter a CD for airplay. Peter was invited to play the CD on “High Noon” with Wayne B. He then co-presented on the program for about 5 years, when Wayne retired from air, then becoming the solo presenter of “High Noon”, Monday afternoons from midday for 3 hours.

Peter then spread his wings to introduce the program, 'Kennedy Country' to have an evening country music program. The night and time was chosen and now Wednesdays from 10pm onwards you can hear his dulcet tones. Peter promotes local and national artists on both his programs and is always on the lookout for fresh new talent to promote.

Spreading his many talents Peter also goes to air on Wednesday afternoons with 'Traffic Jam'. Peter deviates from his country music love, to play music from the 60's through to today with middle of the road music to get us all home from work with easy listening.

Ray Collins

Ray Collins

Ray would like to advise his listeners that he will be away from 12 June for approximately six weeks.

Like many of our presenters, Ray introduction into community radio had its beginnings in the country. Merredin and 6MD was Ray's training ground in 1970. That is not to say that Ray is a country lad! Ray is city born and bred - Subiaco to be precise. He still has close associations with Subiaco - he must be Subiaco Football Club's number one supporter. He is very passionate about his football and his team.

When not engaged with his passion for Aussie Rules or out walking the dog, Ray can be heard playing music from the 1950-1970's. His desire is to feature more music more often. He is especially passionate to focus on music for the 50-70 age groups. He believes that we should hear more music and less talk on the radio and that's how his program is styled. 



Roger has been a presenter on KCR for about 18 months. He also worked many hours on getting the station up and running after its move. Although he had never previously been a presenter his involvement in recording began when he was a teenager in London a long time ago. He has always been interested in classical music and now has a very extensive collection of classical music written after 1900.

He is presenting a show - 20th Century Classical Music - every Sunday evening from 7.00 to 9.00 pm with music from well-known and less well-known composers written during that period. It’s a good way to end the weekend before the hassle of the work-week begins.

Russell K

Russell K

Russell grew up surrounded by music. It was as varied as life itself. This variety of music has influenced Russell and his programs presented on KCR 102.5FM reflect this.

Russell's involvement with KCR began upon his chance viewing of a flyer he noticed whilst he was providing transportation for his father. The flyer announced that the station was providing training to enable the general public to become “on air” presenters on the new community radio station of 6KCR that has grown into today's KCR 102.5fm.

In 2003 “Russell's Juke Box” was born with the fledgling presenter at the microphone. It was scheduled as the Wednesday night program and Russell's presenting career was born. Thoroughly enjoying this new life he went on to produce and present 'Traffic Jam' on Monday's from 3-6pm.

Today Russell's early musical influences can be heard in the programs 'Wicked Sounds' on alternate Sunday's from 8pm - Midnight  and 'Sunrise' on Thursday's from 6am-9am where he plays a selection of music that encompasses the 50's through to the present day.

Russell values all his regular listeners and especially enjoys receiving their feedback. He particularly likes to support local and independent artists.

Ry Driver

Ry Driver presents his take on sport in A Sporting Chance every second Saturday.


Steve Mitcham

Steve Mitcham

All Beatles fans should be very familiar with Steve's program - Friday Afternoon With the Fab Four every Friday from 4-6pm where he plays Beatles and Solo Beatles music, news, old interviews, stories behind the songs and interesting Beatles facts.

Steve also presents Friends of the Beatles on Friday from 3-4pm.

So it wouldn't surprise anyone to know Steve's favourite song is a Beatles song - Come Together and his first purchase was the White Album by the Beatles.

KCR was Steve's first foray into community radio in 2000 although he has had some acting experience. Not all Steve's music likes are Beatles he does like pop, blues, folk as well as rock music, he is also passionate about the power of music to express men's deepest feelings and experiences.