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Been on the airwaves since 2007 His passion for music goes back many more years. From spinning the decks in the 70’s disco clubs to creating atmosphere on a bridal dance floor

Traffic Jam
Monday 15:00 - 18:00



 Praise and Worship
Sunday 17:00 - 19:00


 Big Ben

A semi-retired contracts specialist who loves Radio having done shifts around the world 

Traffic Jam
Friday 15:00-18:00

Bernie   Bernie

 Playing praise, worship 
 songs and gospel music.
  Talking about life, love, 
 faith and living the gospel

Rythmn and Praise
Sunday 06:00-09:00



I have been at  KCR for 17 
 years, starting on weekdays
 and moving to
 Sunday in 2007

Sunday Interlude and 
My Way
Alternate Sundays 12:30-15:00

Dave H

 Dave H

“Aka“ Pommie Dave
Loves 60s to 90s
Rock and Pop

 Hodson Sods
Friday 20:00-23:00

Dave P

 Dave P  

 Carefree Highway
Thursday 18:00-20:00

 David L

 David L

  Passionate about Percussion and all the arts - music, dance, drama and the visual arts

  Jazz Has Got Soul
Tuesday 18:00-20:00



Has always loved radio. Likes popular and country music 

Anything Goes
Tuesday and Wednesday
Country Comfort
(Alt weeks) 

 George  George

 A music lover with a vast collection of all types of music

 Nostalgia Unlimited
Tuesday 12:00-15:00

 Gilad  Gilad  

 Call of an Owl
Wednesday 20:00-22.00

 Glen  Glenn

 Working in Radio is a Dream come true. I like great music from the 70s onwards

Monday 07:00-09:00



 A long history of listening
  to and playing
music, and an interest
in the artists
and songwriters

For the Sake of the Song
Tuesday 20:00-22:00
Country Comfort
(Alt weeks) 


 Has been presenting music and helping to run the Station
for 18 years

 Anything Goes
Friday 09:00-12:00

 Haylee  Haylee

  Haylee's dream is to make people
 smile and dance while cooking
 dinner with her favourite hits
 from the decades

  Hits with Hayls
Monday 18:00-20:00




I am a mature-aged
musician who fell into
music and radio
presenting quite
by accident

Beats and Pieces
Saturday 15:00-18:00
(alternate weeks)



 A lover of music, books,
  writing and walking

Noonday Carousel
Monday 12:00-15:00



  An Englishman from London, JMo has a deep love of pop 'n' rock but has had love affairs with every musical genre!

JMo Show

 Justin  Justin

 With a lifelong passion for music, Justin also brings his automotive knowledge to KCR for 'Around the Bend' with Terry

Thursday & Friday 07:00-09:00
Around the Bend
Saturday 09:00-09:30



Has loved music all his life
and been a Presenter
for many years

Wednesday 12:00-15:00



 His eclectic music taste will contribute some interesting programs for the "Sunrise" team

Tuesday and Wednesday 07:00-09:00



 Played in bands around Perth during the 70s and 80s 

 Time Capsule
Friday 18:00-20:00



Using my love of music and DJing experience, I aim to start your morning off with an entertaining show filled with upbeat and interesting tunes!   

Groovin' on Sunday
Sunday 12:30-15:00
(alternate weeks)

 Norm Fox

 Norm Fox

  I really enjoy preparing and presenting
 a program that I hope our Listeners
  remember and can associate with

 Anything Goes
Monday 09:00-12:00





Has presented his program since March 2000 

With a Song in My Heart
Sunday 15:00-17:00



 Perth raised; has been at KCR for about 10 years

 Folk and Stuff
Wednesday 18:00-20:00

Peter Baille   Peter B

  New to presenting music, Peter has been a music lover since he first started listening to the Hit Parade on a little radio in the late 1950s.

  Anything Goes
Thursday 09:00-12:00

 Peter M  Peter M

 Lives his passion for music as a presenter  by hosting his Saturday
afternoon show

 Swing is in the Air
Saturday 13:00-15:00



 Prior to being a music teacher in and around Kalamunda
since 1990, 
he was a successful musician touring Europe

 RA Jazz
Monday 20:00-22:00



Has been interested in classical music for
the past 60 years

20th Century Classical Music
Sunday 19:00-21:00
Thursday 00:00-02:00 (Repeat)

 Steve  Steve

Always enjoyed
music from an early age and ran a mobile disco in England for 30 years. Enjoys all good music of different genres

 Sunday with Steve
Sunday 09:00-12:30



 My particular passion is 
 Hit music from the 60s
 thru 90s with an emphasis
 on Motown and Soul

 Traffic Jam
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 15:00-18:00
Juke Box Saturday and
Around the Bend

Saturday 07:00-10:00


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