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KCR 102.5 FM acknowledges its programs are broadcast from Whadjuck Country, with studios in Gooseberry Hill
The Members of KCR convey their respect to Elders past, present and emerging

Who we are and what we do

KCR 102.5 FM is a member-based volunteer-run, non-profit, community radio station which broadcasts a diverse range of music from all eras, genres and countries. Musical genres presented on KCR 102.5 FM include jazz, blues, country, western, hip-hop, reggae, retro, classical, gospel, folk, techno, easy listening, indigenous, contemporary and classic rock. KCR 102.5 FM also broadcasts a diverse range of programs, presented by passionate and dedicated community volunteers.


The existence of KCR 102.5 FM as a community radio station is important because it is a vital communication tool which serves the community and allows individuals and groups to have their voices heard. The City of Kalamunda is home to a wide diversity of people, with a variety of lifestyles, all living and working side-by-side. These include tradesmen, professionals, artisans, produce growers, small business operators, retirees, school students, tertiary students and families of all sizes and incomes. It is also a place where artisans and community groups thrive. With a population within the City of 60,000, KCR 102.5 FM is aware of a large number of listeners, and the music and programme styles reflect that diversity of the community.


KCR 102.5 FM broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, included in that time frame, KCR 102.5 FM is "live-to-air" most days of the week for at least 18 hours a day. The majority of KCR 102.5 FM's programmes are locally produced and presented.


KCR 102.5 FM is ultimately a radio station that exists with the sole intention of
benefiting the community with information and entertainment


KCR Policy Documents are available here 

KCR Committee of Management 2022-2023

 Chairperson  Roger Jennings
 Vice-Chairperson  Harry Nijsen
 Secretary  Julie Evans
 Treasurer  Graham Nicol
 Annual Events  Peter Baillie
 Marketing  Terry Duke
 Programming  David Lazaro
 Technical     Lindsay Morris